Your One-Stop Shop for the Choicest Cuts of Meat

Quality Meat Market has a large selection of tender beef items for you to choose from. Whether you want economy cuts or select grade, we have them all! We stock up on fresh beef, so the meat that you buy is always tender and juicy!

At our butcher shop, our beef is grain-fed and from the Midwest. We are sure that our meat is tender and delicious and backed up with a money-back GUARANTEE!

Get Fresh-Cut Pork at Our Meat Market

We have fresh pork from top brands. We have a wide selection of pork products you can choose from, including: 
  • Trimmed pork roast
  • Tender chops
  • Pork butts
  • Lean spare ribs
  • Baby back ribs

Choose Our Hormone-Free, Healthy Poultry Products

Whether you are looking for leg quarters or breasts, we have the finest poultry products in and around town! This is because our poultry is delivered fresh every day and is hormone free. Try our new hand-cut boneless breast fillets! 

Check out Our Seafood Selections, Veggies and More

  • Shrimp:  Raw, Cooked, Breaded
  • Fish Fillets
  • Crab Legs
  • Blue Crabs
  • Devil Crabs
  • And More

Lots of Variety to Choose From...

  • Leg quarters
  • Ribs
  • Briskets
  • Farm fresh and bagged greens
  • Dairy and deli cases
  • Fresh breads
  • Soul food cases
  • Homemade coleslaws
  • Homemade lasagnas
  • Southern-style potato salads
  • Macaroni salads
  • Ready-to-cook meatloaves
  • Homemade smoked barbecued chopped pork,pork ribs,and leg quarters
Buy quality meat at our butcher shop! Visit us at 4020 Orient Road

Buy $50 worth of our meat products and get one FREE packet of ground beef! Visit us!

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