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Back in 1969, Bill and Joann Fritz wanted to start a butcher shop and needed a partner. They knew a young couple, George and Marie Frese, who owned an egg farm and wanted to sell it. In 1970, the Freses sold the egg farm, went into business with the Fritz’s, and thus, Quality Meat Market was born. Business grew and each year they expanded their store to the size it is today. 

At present, the owners of the shop are David and Alise Frese. David is the son of George and Marie Frese. Visit our shop at 4020 Orient Road today!

Serving You Since 1970

Quality Meat Market has been in the same location since its beginning in 1970. In 1974, 4 years after Quality Meat Market was founded, Bill and Joann Fritz decided to retire due to Bill’s health problems. Bill and Joann sold their half of the store to George and Marie Frese.

Family-Owned and Operated Butcher Shop

George and Marie Frese have two kids, David and Debbie. Debbie got married and moved out of the area. 

David stayed at Quality Meat Market and followed in his father’s footsteps. In 1994, David became a partner with his parents at Quality Meat Market. Ten years later, in 2004, George and Marie Frese decided to retire and gave the store to David.

About George and Mary Frese

George Frese passed away in February 2011. Marie Frese still misses him dearly, but is happy spending time with the rest of her family.
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